Are you still not sure what you want?
Here’s a little bit about us

Our Story

Jigsaw Ensemble was founded by a group of passionate individuals with expertise in Information Technology, Event Management, Consultancy, and Finance. As our team evolved, we have incorporated all walks of life into our company to bring in their expertise and their visions. We realise that all our talents combined with all things creative, could revolutionise how the world perceive things.

We don’t just wait for good ideas to fall into our laps. We go in search of them in every corner of the globe. We understand that every experience brings in an insight and we are always on the lookout for the big picture.

We, at JIGSAW, believe that ideas are our foundation and people are our best friends. That is why we hold your relationship with us in the highest regard. When you work with us, you are not just entering a client/company relationship, but a strong and long lasting relationship that is dedicated to bringing the best in both of us.

With that goal in mind, we enter into this fast evolving global market, because we know we got the right tools and knowledge to not only survive, but to rise above. We believe in honest work, great ideas and successful storytelling.

That is what we are all about. We are multitaskers. We are innovators, and we are great storytellers.

Above all, we have all the right pieces that complete the JIGSAW.

Our Vision

To pioneer practical and approachable solutions across society

Our Mission

To provide sustainable and problem solving channels with creativity and responsibility

Our Approach

We specialise in one thing: finding the best solution for your need.

Whether it’s through advertising, marketing or an original creation, we believe that every problem needs a custom made solution. We use our experience and skills to bring the best solution that would not only solve your problem, but would set the right tone for the future.

First, we discover what exactly you require. We ask you for your thoughts, your opinions and your ideas. No one knows your product like you do, and we respect that.

Then we welcome your puzzle piece, study it, turn it over in our fingers and understand the full complexity of the matter in hand.

Third, we go into serious strategy mode. Now that we know the shape and size of your puzzle, we need to know where it fits, or whether we need to create a whole new platform for it. At this stage, we utilise all our resources to find the best fit for you.

When we start nurturing the idea, we get our creative team on full steam. We create to stop traffic. We create to enlighten. We create to be lucid. We create to make a difference. We create that when you hold the finished product up on to the sky, the Big Picture is going to blow everyone away.